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Pinay’s first theme park Hellendoorn Holland reviews

About in what I observed:

Avonturenpark Hellendoorn is a family theme park which is located in Overijssel Hellendoorn. The park was founded in 1936 by Jan van den Berg and began as a simple tearoom and with a terrace. This family amusement park of the Netherland have like over 30 attractions and shows for the whole families and friends. In 2016 this park was proclaimed the best rated amusement park through Holland.

This amusement park is 3 hours driving from where I am living. It was a long journey but it was worth ed.The staff are quite nice, easy to approach and they can speak 3 languages,which are Dutch, German and English. The restaurant is easy to find and also the comfort room. This a little small from the other park we where visited but the clean surrounding with so many trees and flowering plants make this park unique. A little old modern but to those who like to roam around without falls in line, it’s this park for you. And you can seat everywhere you want because so many benches and really refreshing cause it is a nature park. The price for the ticket are totally fair.

As,what I said this park have more like 30 attractions to rides in. Here are the most popular of this theme park:

*TORNADO-is a steel roller coaster in Hellendoorn. The tornado was build by vekoma in 1990 and a standard design called tornado. This have 1 looping and 1 corkscrew.

*Track length:450 meters

*Inversions:2(1 looping and 1 corkscrew)

*Top speed:70 km/h

*Ride duration:1:08 minutes

*Number of train:1 train with 7 carts with 2 rows

with 2 seats next to each other;28 passengers in total

*WILD WATERFALL-A white water course is a concept that has multiple definitions,but generally refers to a course that can be travel by guest in a wild river or water tank.

*DISCOVERY CLUB-is an interactive dark ride where is in a theme area Bella’s Pleintje. This dark ride is the first and only interactive dark rides through Holland.

*PIRAAT ENTERHAAK-is a whirligig. This attraction was opened in 2006 and been built by Zierer. Pirate hook is take about 2 minutes and this have 48 seats. The turning circle of the attraction is 19.4 meter. Only 1 meter 20 cm are allowed to go here.

*TARANTULA MAGICA-is an enterprise.This was built in 2012 by Huss park attractions, commission by the new owner of the park, the looping group. An enterprise works through center frugal force, so that the safety brackets are not necessary. This attraction is only allowed to seat in here from 120 cm with a supervision by the eldest. This have 20 gondolas and offers space for 40 visitors per ride.

*DONDERSTENEN-is a steel roller ride.This produced by Zierer and uses 1 train with 10 wagons that each accommodate 2 passengers next to each other. The track is a theme of thunder stones and trees and faces.This was opened in public on April 9,2005.

*GALJOEN-is a rocking ship. This attraction was opened in 1995 and was built by Zamperla rides.Everyone is allowed to stay in the attraction, but only if below 120 cm have a supervision by an adult.

*AQUAGENTURA SLIDEPARK-is an outdoor slide park which opened to the public in June 2013. The total area of this park is 5000m².This has eleven water slides of different kind of lengths. This attraction have only slit tank which have no swimming pool.This the first water slide through Netherlande.This only can be visited with the combination with the other attraction and take a note this also have a separate ticket.

This amusement park also have features three shows, which are:




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This was our first visit in this amusement park but not the first rider on a coaster.Maybe I was expecting more thrill in this or I was comparing this to the big amusement park I has been.This amusement park normally built for family purposes not for thriller. So here we are our first ride here at Hellendoorn amusement park.


1.TORNADO-This attraction the first one we decided to be on ride with my daughter. It was not so bad at all. My daughter hop into this coaster for how many rides alone. It was not crowded so we feel free to ride in this coaster. So many children like this coaster while there the same as my daughter, just seating and waiting tell it is run again. Thanks the operator was so nice that they just let the children’s seat and have fun at the same time. My daughter was even so proud and already was so very comfort with the operator that there even playing high five every time the coaster pass by where he was standing. So cool to have that kind of staff inside the park.

2.DONDERSTENEN-This coaster is like the boomerang from toverland, the difference are this one is an outdoor ride while from toverland it is indoor ride which this for children and adults. We ride this for how many times and it was also amazing specially there’s two time rides every time it runs. My child really have fun with this coaster.

3.WILD WATERFALL-The one I like from this ride,that there was a splashed across the fairway just before the tunnel. It was totally fun with my family. For me it was trilling while the water is really wild. And the good thing with this ride, it’s summer and it is made us refreshing.So every time we are exhausted from roaming around and also from the heat we just go in here and had some fun and wishing that the water will splash into us. Very amazing ride I ever had here in Hellendoorn.

4.MONORAILS-This attraction was the best ride I ever had here. While we are seating and having fun with the beautiful views, we decided to eat our snacks. It was breathtaking that I can see the beauty of this park through this old timer monorail. We had so many rides in this for relaxing.

5.GALJOEN-This swing boat ride made me dizzy, crazy that even I already know what’s going to happen still I hops in here and had some fun with my daughter. But now that I know,I sat in the middle of this boat ride so that less dizziness.

6.DISCOVERY CLUB-This attraction is a dark ride with a laser gun. We really had fun shooting with those statues. We also hops in into this ride for so many times.

So after all this rides, it is time for my little one to have fun, so we go to the children’s attraction. There she hops in from different kinds of rides. She had so much fun that she doesn’t even want to live this park.

Then the day was over. Time to drove back home. It was almost dark and inside the car my eldest have so much to tell, cant stop talking and so excited that she have stories to tell to her teacher. Will it was tiring day but I know, we had so much fun that day.


14 thoughts on “Pinay’s first theme park Hellendoorn Holland reviews

  1. It sounds like you and your family had a great time in this amusement park. I will have to keep in in mind for the next time I am traveling to that part of the world.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

  2. Hi Bella,
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful review, with very helpful tips . I love the pictures, I would recommend it to my friends and I think my children will also like to visit this park.

  3. I haven’t been to an amusement park in ages!
    Your article just reminded me how much fun it can be.
    This one looks awesome, definitely would give the Wild Waterfall a try!
    Thanks for sharing this post,

  4. Hi Bella,
    I really enjoyed your review on theme parks in Holland. Wow, I can’t remember the last time I went to an amusement park. I think it was when my now grown up kids were teenager. Looks like you and your family had a wonderful time filled with lots of fun rides. I definitely will tell mention this theme park to anyone that might be travelling to Holland. It looks like a great place to stop on a family vacation.
    Cheers, Eliza

  5. Thanks for sharing your beautiful adventures! Though if you don’t mind me suggesting, it would be nice if you could adjust the size of the images to make them clearer for your readers. Have a nice day!

  6. Lots of great pictures and information on this amusement park in Holland. People with children and grandchildren that either live in Holland, or plan to travel there will find this information very useful. I will keep this in mind, and share it with anyone I know that is travelling to Holland. Thanks for sharing. Tom

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