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”Pinay’s first amusement park in Efteling Holland reviews”.

About and what I observed: 

Efteling is an amusement park in Dutch province of North Brabant. It is located at Kaatsheuvel between Waalwijk and Tilburg. In terms of visitor numbers, the park was the largest amusement park in the Netherlands in 2014 and the fourth largest amusement park in Europe.
This park is 2 hours driving from where I am living. It is quiet long driving but of curiosity I really want to visit this park.

This amusement park have a large parking lots so it’s not a problem for the visitors to park here. And also staff are nice and easy to approach,holiday park and hotel, park show, roller coaster, fairy forest, restaurants,souvenirs and also the toilets are will clean. A big park to roam around with the families. And attractions are everywhere.Efteling have so many attractions that you one day visit is not enough.¬†You really need to take the nearest hotel or you can book into their hotel if not fully book. This theme park have always so many visitors from all over the world. It means that this one is overcrowded, eventhough because it is a big park people are everywhere, a big park to walk whole day. From the fairy tale forest you already roaming around and hoping by every fairytale.Only that if you cannot speak dutch like me it is a quiet boring to listen the story. But the fresh and clean surrounding will amaze you especially if you like fairy tales stories, and the details in this forest totally fantastic.Than heading to Gondoletta, a pavilion that reach you to a higher level, and you can watch on the ground how you can see the fabulous view from above. Stunning view of the big lake, to the other attractions, and how beautiful the park is.

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So here we are, our first ride here in Efteling:


We decided to come here first because we know that soon it will be falls in line again. This the first time I ride a water boat coaster. It means that it is a normal boat on the water then suddenly it will convert into a roller coaster. I was totally amazed that this is boat ride at the same time a coaster. It was an awesome ride. Full of fun especially when i saw the joris en de draak racing while I was on this coaster on ride.


This looping coaster are totally hit me, especially it was two looping. It was an awesome feeling. That moment I am totally full awake and my nerve really work well. I only heard that the passenger was screaming from the excitement or like me nervous with my first looping.


My first on ride in this coaster,I was alone and I as a single rider ,so i seat in front. The most interesting and the excitement of this coaster was, we have to hang upstairs for how many seconds that made my adrenaline high and my excitement and fear combine. And it releases us from the top with a very fast speed. It was an experience that people who want a trill will do this again and again.AWESOME RIDE.


My first ride in this wooden coaster I was with my daughter, we decided to seat at the back cause it’s more tense and really we can see view from above. With this racing coasters, it was totally lots of fun especially when the other coaster come next to where we are seating then race again with a very fast speed. Lots of fun and having fun while I was watching the de vliegende Hollander and the Python how they are also running well.


Before I got into this coaster my daughter already had like 4 times ride, before I decided to have an on ride experience. I don’t know what to expect into this coaster I only know that this is a dark ride. With a very fast speed we are totally riding in nowhere,I are totally dark that seems I was blind and waiting tell the light came back. I only know that we are riding up and down. It was a creapy ride and also an excitement feeling because I don’t have to expect anything but to hold tight on my chair tell the ride was finish. I do this for 2 times after that I stop because I are totally got an headache.


Or been described as a flying temple was a relaxing ride. From the ground to 60 meters high was an experience that I won’t forget. I was watching all over the park,from a very colorful lake with so many boats and even other attractions I can see. It was a breathtaking scenery that I just experience.If you a thrill seeker like me, you will love going into this towel of the Netherlands.


This indoor attraction called the forbidden city carries so many secrets. This boat ride was very magnificent adventures. From very small details to a big detail, tells a story. This boat ride takes me through the neighborhood of poverty and wealth while the giant protect the sultan’s most precious possessions:gems, jewellery and gold of coins.” Hundreds of treasures are glittering in the dark. And while the Sultan surrounds himself with women and precious gems, the dark cellars are filled with criminals and rats.”


This enchanting palace in which nothing is what it seems. This magical palace was splendid,very nice for children’s to experience this magical tour .


This indoor rides was full of joy and happiness with each other and jolly people. This adventures with different cultures and party among red-nosed figures. It was really fun journey with my children.We do this rides for four times.


This boat trip through the beautiful nature. It was relaxing while watching the beauty of this lake. Swans are everywhere playing and feeding themselves. A very quiet environment.While we seat on this boat we are also eating snacks, observing the swans who was following us through the rides. It was a 20 minutes relaxing on ride with my family.


This dark rides of droomvlucht is an enchanting world of fairies, elves and trolls.” Unicorns and forest animals come to life. And when the night falls, cities are float endlessly through the darkness. When the sun comes up,the enchanting forest awakens in this indoor dark rides.”


This water ride called Parana take us into the wild river, past the waterfalls, rocks and totem poles. A very fun ride especially if its sunny day.


This old fashion carousel moving with the help of the steam. This 100 year old steam carousel turn into traditional tunes from one of the worlds five remaining organs built by Gavioli. This ride was fantastic especially for my children.


This the first time I experience like this.This indoor spinning house or I don’t know if it was on an illusion but it made inside the house spins or it got upside down. I only knew that moment that I got dizzy but at the same time I was amazed to those unexpected experience of mine.


This swinging ship, swing back and forth at a great height. It was an incredible experience. Only for a minute ride I really feel my head spinning.


This nature in 3D it was fun. Dive from the arctic into the deep blue ocean before ending up among st monkeys in the jungle. There was a special 3D glasses that it made me experience the beauty of nature. It was awesome feeling that seems like I are also in that movie. This indoor attraction is for everybody and really good for children’s as well.


I hop in into this boat with my two children. It was fun. It was an experience that the boat was floating along the spouting whale and hop up and down. It was fun adventure for my children.

18.HAUNTED HOUSE(spookslot)-

First I really don’t understand the theme of this haunted house but when it is start moving in a spooky suddenly it was getting creepy. This was an experience that I won’t bring my children again. I will suggest not to bring a small child into this spooky house.


This miniature world of diorama was a very fantastic view. In my entire life this was the first time I saw like this. From small villages surrounded with mountains and rivers come to life. I was seeing the residence o their daily activities. From the running trains,to an auto was a very fantastic view. Very amaze and lucky that I experience this kind of artwork made by talented man.


This old timer train took me from the station to another station.While I was relaxing,I was watching the beautiful scenery inside of this big theme park. A very overwhelming feeling , my eye was amazed seeing the scenery of this park.


I thought someone was talking behind me but when I look it was this big statue saying”papier hier”just figure out that it is a trash can for paper. And if you through paper in here you will feel that it is sucking you hand. A very amazing idea who made this one. Not only helping the park clean, it’s also attract visitors to take a look what’s in this big colorful statue.


After to a very tiring but full of fun we decided to go home.I know that this not the last visit in this park.On the way home my eldest had so many to tell and she’s also was excited to tell to her classmates and friends what she did on her weekend.It was an fantastic day for my family.

Tell next time.Thank you for reading this.

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  1. It looks like so much fun! With so many options too. I love amusement parks and roller-coasters, I hope I can go there one day.
    I really liked the idea of the “DE VLIEGENDE HOLLANDER”, it looks so cool!
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  2. Wow, your article is full of great information. I don’t think I will likely get to this park in my life ( because I live on the other side of the world ) but your descriptions were beautiful and you made me feel like I was really there. Great job!

    1. Hello Angela,
      Thank you…me too i did not expect that i will also hop in into this different of amusement park while i am also from the other side of the world.Just believe in your self.Cheers!

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