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”Filipina’s first Theme park review in Walibi Holland”

About and what i observe:

Walibi Holland is a theme park in Biddinghuizen a municipality of Dronten,the Netherlands.Its 2 hours driving from my place.This theme park have four to five different kind of ATTRACTIONS.

*Rollercoasters- Drako,El Condor,Xpress Platform 13,Robin Hood,Speed of Sound,Goliath and Lost Gravity.

*Thrill Rides-Excalibur,G-Force,Space Shot and Tomahowk.

*Water coaster-Crazy River,El Rio Grande and Splash Battle.

*Some other attractions- Club Psyke 5D Experience , Race Way Go-Karting, La Grande Roue, Le Tour des Jardins , Los Sombreros,
Merlin’s Magic Castle,Merrie Go’round ,Pavillon de Thé, Spinning Vibe,
Super Swing ,Tequilla’s Taxi’s ,Walibi Express and Skydiver.

Walibi theme park is a very affordable fair price,restaurants,toilets,drinks are everywhere.
We was two days in this park and it was quite amazing.It was not overcrowded,a big place to roam around with the family.So many stuffs to do.
We can go to the coasters we like to ride,without falls into line. Staff are nice,maybe because Dutch people are more easy going,and we can approach them anytime because they can speak Dutch,English and German.

Here’s you can hop-in to www.amazon.de for shopping.


When i heard that were going on vacation i knew that its going to be Walibi Holland.I start searching were to buy ticket and CHADA it was 2 days for only 1 day ticket plus free Bungalow.We save a lot of money and it was spontaneous day off.I heard from other people that this park is only for grown up,no for children so we was even thinking to asked someone to take care for our children’s but as a mother i don’t like my children in a different hand.So we drove to this theme park,we buy some stuff good for two days and yeah were in the bungalow were we going to stay .It was simple bungalow and it was only 10 minutes away from the theme park.I am satisfied.We immediately goes to the park and it was totally different settings,i mean from a magical world ,to a fantasy world ,to a modern theme park.Yeah,i would say this for teenager park.From a very loud modern sound track,totally for the teenagers.It was like i am back again to my teenage days :-).So first we roam around.And wow,its really a big park than i was visited before(amusement park).So,yeah my husband was so very eager to have a coaster rides so he and my daughter go to check if my child is allowed to be in aboard.

SO HERE’S our first rides:

We decided first to go to all coasters,because we know or were thinking that few hours later it will be falls in line everywhere.

1.XPRESS PLATFORM 13Every first ride i have,i always feel nervous,maybe because its a new experience.So hopping in into this coaster was a crazy idea,especially this one have looping’s and also screw’s.Well,for a minutes riding it will be an experience for me.It was okay,full of details,the coaster was long,and the sound track made the riders awake.

2.EL CONDORGoing into this ride,was a bad idea for me.Seems like i was hit for how many times,i had headache because my head was bumping on a chair i was seating on.It was terrible,i took a paracetamol immediately after the rides.Not only me who was complaining but their was also others rider that have the same problem.

3.ROBIN HOOD-I couldn’t stop laughing into this wooden coaster,from the beginning to the end of the ride.Normally i don’t want to do the ride of this one because i know its a rough ride but i don’t want to have some regret if i can’t experience this.I don’t no why but i was just laughing with the other passengers.It was like riding a horse and also it was so many back camel that i was just holding tight every time it goes ups and down the rail.

4.SPEED OF SOUNDS-Loud modern music,i fall in love with this.Only when it start pulling us up it was terrifying.Its pull us up and then release us and goes into looping and suddenly i felt we was riding on our back,it was terrific.I only knew that time that i was screaming on the air,while i was laughing my ass off.

5.GOLIATH-Riding with this was fantastic.A very fast speed that the wind was all over my face.Only know that i want to ride this coaster more.It was an awesome feeling.Feels like i’m a teenage again.

6.LOST GRAVITYThis ride is one of my favorite,it was an experience that i want to do more.Seems like i was floating on the air while i was on ride.Their was really no gravity at all.

7.G-FORCEThis really an extreme ride,i thought i will vomit while i was on ride.It was just spinning on the air.And i told myself that was the first and last time that i will hop-in into this device.

8.SPACE SHOTThis is really for thrillers.The first time i was in here i was really nervous and asking myself why i am here.But again i want to experience this.From above it was really beautiful because i can see the whole Walibi. Very nice rides.

Please watch my video:

9.TOMAHAWKMy eldest daughter ride this one for 5 to 8 times,and i was asking myself what in this thing that she really like to ride this.It was also only spinning on the air or sometimes it was swinging.

10. EL RIO GRANDEI do ride this one with my family.It was relaxing from above,while watching the beauties of Walibi and observing the behavior of others.We ride this for four times while we was eating snacks inside this ferries wheel.

11.CRAZY RIVERThis water slide really hit me well.I knew that i am afraid of the height but still i decided to have a ride with this,falling from the top i hold my breath because of the fear,but it was an extremely experience for me.

After all this rides we decided that it’s my youngest daughter turns to have fun,we goes to the children’s attraction and she really have a wonderful day.She even played on the water ,but who cares it was 35 degree;a very hottie summer of the year.Because its almost closing time we decided to go to our bungalow to prepare our food and after that we decided to swim in a resorts inside also the Walibi place.


So time to go home,while on the car we was all have something to say about our fabulous time in Walibi Holland.It was fantastic and really had a good time.We all had a big smile in our faces.I know it was a tiring two days off,but the time that we had,a family bonding was the best time of the summer.


13 thoughts on “”Filipina’s first Theme park review in Walibi Holland”

  1. Looks like a great, fun place to experience. I would ride the wood roller coaster FIRST! You are so lucky to travel with your family. This park seems very family oriented and that is a great plus for those with children. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Hello Miss Linda,
      Your right ,enjoying with my family is the most precious and unforgettable experience.
      Na,i was hesitating to ride on this coaster,because i heard rumors that it is rough rides.But for me it was fun,full of laughter.

  2. I like the Goliath coaster; it appears to be a thrill ride of a lifetime. If I’m ever over in the Netherlands, I’ll be looking out for this very amusement park as it seems like an awesome attraction for a vacation. Going to Europe (and the Netherlands) would be a dream trip for me as it is, and though Scandinavia would be my first destination, the Netherlands is high on the list because I believe I have some Dutch blood in me, so that alone would be a thrill.

  3. The G-Force looks like a fun ride!

    I’ve ridden a smaller version of the Spaceshot last year. I thought I was going to die!

    Great article and thanks for sharing your experiences.

  4. It must have been an amazing expreince!
    Thank you for all the details that is so important when making a choice.
    Sure there are some more scary than others, but to me they look very exciting and good fun.
    Happy roller ride crawling!

  5. It must have been an amazing expreince!
    Thank you for all the details that is so important when making a choice.
    Sure there are some more scary than others, but to me they look very exciting and good fun.
    Happy roller ride crawling!


  6. Hello Bella, I’m not really a huge fan of theme parks, but I know that many people are. And I think it’s great that you have an information of what to expect. You’re photos could be better, so you can work on it.

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