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”Filipina’s first amusement park reviews in Toverland Holland”

ABOUT and what I observe:

The theme park Toverland is located in Sevenum Holland.It’s 45 minutes travelling from where i am living.This park is for everybody and the price is so fair that you wont regret spending your money into this kind of experience.And for the staffs working in this attraction are all nice,there always have smile in there faces.You will not be an outsider and you will not be offended.Staffs of this park are always ready to served you.There very friendly and very efficient all day.And if you didn’t bring any snacks,its okay. Toverland have so many restaurant inside and outside the park.You will just order if you got hungry.And if you want to buy souvenirs there’s also store.You can select different kind of souvenir you like.Promise you,you will enjoy going into this amusement park in Sevenum .Very relaxing,you will enjoyed and you will be have lots of fun.The theme park is so fantastic to roam around,very clean and the details of the theme is spectacular.Very organized and well run.Lots of the playground were children can play together with the guardians.This park is not only from young children’s but also for the teenagers and adults.

”As a first timer going to an amusement park,i was mixed emotion.I was excited than my children’s but i was also afraid into going to the rides.But i was also curious on whats going to happen in this amusement park. Having fun with my family is the best of all.So curious whats inside of this park :-).

So here we are,my first visit in Toverland amusement park. ”

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1.Theekopjes-It was madness,from the beginning of the rides tell the end i can’t stop laughing.Feel like i was back again into my childhood when i step-in into this colorful big cups and when the music starts,its the time that the cup will move from slowly tell its getting faster and faster.It’s swinging me around the place and seems like its dancing by its own.A very relaxing music in it while i was enjoying with my family i was thinking i want more rides in this beautiful cups in Land van Toos.

2. Toos-Express-this small coaster is only for the kids,but when i go their with my daughter,i don’t know why but my hand was sweating,i was so furious especially i’m afraid of the height.I am asking myself this is only for crazy people,but i really tried to hop in into this coaster.Wow it was amazing,it was crazy ride that i was watching the other attractions from great height down to a deep valleys and what the other families was doing.And i shout loud to my daughter i want more rides in this coaster with a big smile in my lips.I remember i had four times ride in this unavailable smooth rides with this kiddie coaster in Land van Toos.

3.Expedition Zork -The same feelings in the kiddie coaster i was afraid going into this crazy babbling brook water ride of the height of fifteen meters.When i was already seating in this rides i was asking myself again”what i am doing here?”.But obcourse it was to late because i was already riding here.I was so tense especially i am afraid of the height,but this time i have no choice but to wait what’s going to happen and just to hold on and prepare for an experience crazy dive in Wunderwald.

4.Karussel -After the crazy dive we decided to go on a ride in the carousel. Watching beautiful lights,listening with the authentic sound of the organ seems like i was back in time.Hopping,riding with the colorful horses while it seems like its dancing by its own,while watching the bands singing near to the carousel;Ohh LA LA it was a relaxing experience i have.

5.Booster Bike-Seeing this bike i was thinking i am not going to hop-in into this crazy coaster.But deep inside i was so curious that if i won’t do it,i will be very disappointed to myself.I know me,so i decided to experience these bright green bike monster.I want to know why riders are happy while there riding on this.Oh my GOD,my hand was sweating again maybe for the excitement or maybe i am nervous and terrified.So here i am,i heard click where i am seating and it means i have no choice than to ride this monster bike.And it was an awesome ride.I was racing around on this cool motor bike on a very fast speed and have two back camel on it.After that i said to myself i will come back in ride this again.

6.Maximus’ Blitz-Driving into this bobsleigh was breathtaking,i was the one to decide if i want it faster or more slower.But because i want to experience i really put it on a high speed especially i don’t want to cause traffic to other riders.While riding this it was laughing all the time with my child because whose mother who will make it full speed if your child is with you.Spectacular experience that i wont forget especially i have fun with my daughter.Feels like i was back into my childhood time.

7.Dwervelwind-Seating into this spinning coaster and listening the relaxing track inside this coaster,all my fear disappear and my mind was relaxed.But when the spinning started i really hold myself,was afraid to fall down.It was an experience that i still want to do over and over again,even though i got dizzy from the spinning but riding this was unforgettable experience that i wont forget.

8.Troy Wooden Coaster-I do promise myself that i will not go on this ride,but in order to experience this i need to be brave.This was my first ride,i was holding so tight to my husband arm,while it was still not moving.It was funny experience cause i thought i am going to pee on my pants or to vomit.My mind was exploring whats going to happen in just a minutes.So be it,i want to ride this.Trembling and sweating my hands again,i close my eyes especially it was so high,i was terrified to look down(afraid of the height).While i was riding i only feel the left and right ,up and down movements.I really close my eyes,but when the camera comes my husband told me to open my eyes for the picture taken.It was scary ,smooth ride for the first timer like me.

9.Fenix-My first ride in this coaster i was all alone.I really fall in line to experience how’s the feeling if i’m inside this wing coaster.Again sweating hands ,thinking different kind of things on whats going to happen,and the other side i was so excited especially this was a new build coaster.I was waiting for how many months and here i am flying in the air.Very awesome,smooth rides.An experience that makes me feel free.An experience how birds are flying.Its like my mind was empty,all the worries and fear are gone.Makes me think how awesome this coaster is.Na ja,i want to ride this more.

10.Merlin Quest-Riding-Riding in this boat with my family,it was feel like i was inside the portrait,or i was on the planet coaster.It was breathtaking,especially listening with the sound tract inside the boat while watching the beautiful scenery,it was like i was in a dream land or i was back to the Merlin’s time.The theme it was full details,and every detail is telling an story.Relaxing in this boat while i was busy eating snacks,i told myself i will ride this back again and again.Very beautiful to ride at night watching the moon while the Fenix is flying freely,really seems like i was in a different world of magic .I feel different,happiness and love is in my heart.

After the awesome rides we search for a bench and seat there and eat for an ice cream.It was a long day for us but it was full of fun.It was an awesome experience and i did not regret spending money for the awesome experience,especially i and my family had a wonderful and magnificent day.Because it was already dark we decided to go home,and we decided to buy the yearly pass so we can go more often in this park.


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  1. Me being the person I am and loving amusement parks this seems very exciting and I need to go and check it out soon!! Seems like a boat load of fun keep it up!

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