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Filipina’S first Amusement park reviews in Phantasialand Germany”

About and what i observed:

Phantasialand is a family friendly theme park in Bruhl,North Rhine-Westphalia,Germany.
It’s 2 hours driving from where i am living.
This theme park have so many attractions.From the children’s rides,roller coasters,water rides,trill rides and so on.This park is for children’s,teenagers and even for adults.A fantastic details and every details have an story to tell.A very stunning art works ,very impressive.Seems like i was inside a big portrait when i was walking on the bridge.A friendly staffs,so many restaurants were we can eat,benches to seat,hotels inside this park,so many different kind of shows,the price is fair We was busy all the time walking and going to a different kinds of rides.It was a very fun day for my family.Very nice park for families like us who wants an adventure and trill.


*Do you have a baby and you want to go on a ride?Its not a problem,because Phantasialand have a policy that your partner can go first and then if he/she finish, you can have a ride.This a big advantage because no need to fall in line.

*Their’s also a room for babies where you can change the nappy and the clothes.

*If you have a quick pass,you can enter the attraction you want to ride immediately.If you have to fall in line its only few minutes and its your turn.(Only sucks to those who have no quick pass like me :-)) .

*If you have children,don’t forget to write down the cellphone number on the armbands.Its for free,you can get it if you enter the theme park.


This amusement park is well known through Europe.This is one of the best theme park.Very popular that everybody want to visit this and have fun.Because of this so much visitor,costumers have to fall in line from the candy store,for drinks,at the restaurants,and at the attractions.Even on the facilities like(comfort room).I don’t know if this is normal to fall in line from 30 minutes to 2 hours but its quite alarming,because you really cant ride any coasters if your impatience.

”This is my first time visiting this park and i don’t no what to expect.I only knew that i am excited and i really want to go on every attraction they have.I wont waste my ticket just to roam around,i want to have a rides.But my expectation was not been answered. The park was full,so many visitors,everywhere we go their always a waiting time 45 minutes to 3 hours.I was shocked because i don’t want to fall in line that such of time but i really amazed that other visitors are really waiting just to ride their favorite coaster.So here we are trying to find an attraction that the waiting line is normal.”

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My Ride with my kids:

We had an adventure Tour booklet so we had to collect it,and in order to do it we had to follow what’s inside the booklet tell it’s completed.So we decided to go to the kids park and completed this booklet with stamps in it.
While collecting stamps i know that my eldest daughter was enjoying the rides especially this is her first rides here in Phantasialand .It was fun for her riding different kind of this kiddie stuff.

1.Die Frohliche Bienchen.”What is greedily peering at the little bees,then?Go and visit the cute little frogs and go on a merry bee hunt.You will fly up and down on this ride.”

2.Wolkes Luftpost-”The Wuze folk are excitedly waiting for the post to arrive and you can help them.If you take off with the airmail and pedal hard,then you will have the post on board right away.The Wuze folk will be happy when you bring them the letters the long for.”

3.Bolles Flugschule-”The flying lesson will take them on a lively trip up,down and around through the Berlin sky.The engines are running and the biplane is slowly taking off from the ground.The planes start up and a zeppelin is hovering in the sky.”

4.Bolles RiesenRad-”High up into the sky above Berlin.The magical gondolas glide through the Berlin skies as if you are in a dream.The Bolles big wheel or RIESENRAD will take our young guest high up and will give them an enchanted view of the world from above”.

5.Wuze Town Kinderland-‘Behind the imaginative walls of Wuze Town,the little guest can expect an adventurous pleasure.On the upper floor of the building is the Wuze Town kinderland”.

After kiddies rides we decided to go in a different attractions,so here we are at:

1.COLORADO ADVENTURE-I was lucky that we go here immediately to fall in line.It was only 20 minutes waiting,and it was my turn to ride.At last i had my first roller coaster ride here in Phantasialand.It was very fun ride.Very beautiful scenery while i was riding this,i can saw the beauty of this fantasy land.The magnificent art works.’‘The gold rush is raging in the Colorado mountains.Indefatigable and feverish in the mines the precious metal is search.Climb aboard Colorado Adventure and race the mine train through steep bends,cliff and gorges.”

2.BLACK MAMBA-My first ride in this coaster i fall in line alone for 30 minutes,and it was worthy because i was on the front seat.And oh my God,it was cold but my hand was sweating-i was nervous.Its my first time to ride with inverted coaster.And while i was riding i was shouting loud to release my fear and its really help.It was totally fun ,full of fun that i thought i am going to pass out while i was on the ride.Their was a looping,rollover and screws that it makes me laugh.My experience and my bravery hopping in this coaster was amazing.I know that my husband is so proud of me because of this.”In the heart of Africa lurks the black mamba,the queen of the snakes.It winds as fast as the lightning through dark chasms and gorges,past rugged cliffs and over a thundering waterfall.Even the audience is stunned when the black mamba passes by”.

3.RAIK-I was so excited to have ride into this boomerang especially when i heard that it goes forward and reverse driving.Seating here with my child was so fantastic,it means its our turn to ride into this coaster.And yeah,they was right it goes first forward and it will reverse.Very full of fun,laughing and shouting with other passengers.’‘Raik is the fastest family boomerang in the world.With its extraordinary tract layout,it blends seamlessly into the theme world and is close to taron.As a special feature,it offers a forward and reverse drive,with which you can experience the exciting driving elements twice.”

4.GEISTER RIKSCHA-This dark rides it was only 5 minutes waiting.I and my family ride this one.It was relaxing seating on the boat while watching the scary scenery.It was quite relaxing and i know my children like this, so we go back again to have more ride.’‘Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of Chinese mythology.Wondrous creatures are up to mischief and teach the scary.”

5.HOLLYWOOD TOUR-This boat dark ride was fantastic.The same as the other one(GEISTER RIKSCHA )my children like this ride,they had fun while watching the different kind of scenery.So we decided to have one more ride.”The Hollywood tour is a water theme ride in the theme of fantasy.This shares the building with the Night of the Night Hawk,a dark coaster,located in the upper part and the adjacent FANTISSIMA area.”

6.WAVE SWINGER-”This attraction is located in the middle of the park,my husband and my daughter decided to have rides,while i decided to search a bench and seat while i was watching how my family are having fun.”


”After this last ride we decided to go home,tired-hungry from roaming around i know myself that we had a great day in this park.We had a big smile in our faces,full of happiness from the experience we had while we was heading to the exit.We had so much to talk on the car while driving home,telling stories whats the best ride we was been.Only the one we really want to ride it was fall in line for how many hours.Well,we will try again next time hopping that it’s not crowded”.TELL NEXT TIME :-).



12 thoughts on “Filipina’S first Amusement park reviews in Phantasialand Germany”

  1. sounds like fun when you finally get to actually ride, I however don’t like the idea of waiting for up to three hours. that’s too long, but all in all looks like a nice place to go and spend a lovely day especially if its nice weather.

    1. Hello Rose,
      I know that feeling,i really also don’t like waiting for that long.I want to ride of of the famous coaster in the world(TARON) but its always falls in line.

  2. This park looks amazing. Now I want to go there as well along with my two little kids. I love the way you have explained every bit of this place along with pros and cons. You are a knowledgeable person and I love to read about this amazing place. Thank you:)

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