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”Filipina’s first Amusement park review in Movie park Germany”

About and what i observed:

Movie park is a theme park in Bottrop-Kirchhellen in western Germany,50 km(30 mi)north of Dusseldorf.With an area of 40 hectare(98 acres).It consists of 7 areas based on movies and Tv series.Movie park is 2 hours driving from were i am living.

Movie park Attractions:

*INTENSE RIDES-Star Trek(operation enterprise),Bermuda Triangle,Crazy Surfer,Dora’s Big River Adventure,Fairy world Spin,Ghost Chasers,The high Fall,Jimmy Neutron’s Atomic Flyer,Mp Xpress,Excalibur,Nyc Transformer,Side kick,Time Riders,Van Helsing’s Factory,The Bandit,and the Walking Dead Breakout.

*MODERATE RIDESAvatar Air Glider,Back at the Barnyard Bumpers,Backyardigans Mission to Mars,Ice Age-(no time for Nuts 4-D),The Lost Temple,Splat-O-Sphere and Stormy Cruise,

SOFT RIDESBlue’s Skidoo,Diego’s Rescue Rider,Pier Patrol-(Jet ski),Team Umizoomi Number Tumbler,Pier Side Carousel,Rescue 112,Sea Swing,Spongebob Splash Bash,Swiper’s Sweeper,Teenage Mutant,Ninja Turtles:License to Drive,Santa Monica Wheel,and Wonder Pets Flyboat.

About the theme park:

Movie park theme park in Germany, you will find here different kind of attractions,hotels,different kind of restaurants,shops if you want to by souvenirs,toilets are everywhere.Staffs are quiet nice,easy to approach and so many things to do here.A very big park that your one day roaming around with your family or friends is not enough especially if you want to step-in every rides you want.Price is fair if you can ride all the want you like and it sucks if you only roam around because its fully crowded.

Our story in this Park:

Every park we’re been visited,is always a different theme.In this one it was really totally different.I was amazed that from a magical theme park,to fantasy theme park,to modern a park and now a movie land park.We visited this park when it was Halloween,so their was so many special effect,different kind of show’s,staffs are wearing Halloween costumes and so on.But because we visited this park on Halloween days,it was overcrowded,so many visitors come.The park was totally full.From the parking lots,to the toilets,to the restaurants,it was a disaster.Everywhere we go people are ins line.So we don’t no were to start because we only saw people on lines or roaming around like us.So thankful that i bring food and drinks so we don’t have to falls in line.First thing we do was we just roam around to familiarize the area and then we decided to go to the children’s theme area.

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So here’s our first rides:

1.FAIRY WORLD SPINSo here we are,we hop-in into this thee cup with my whole family,and wow,its hit me immediately.It was hard spinning and it took like 2 minutes inside the cup.It was a long ride for me,but when i saw my children’s having fun,it was the best ride i ever had.Most important was,i was watching them enjoying every spin the thee cup moves,i don’t care if i feel dizzy as long as we was seating,and it was full of laughter inside this crazy cups.And my children’s was screaming to their Papa that they want more ride in this device.

2.BACKYARDIGANS MISSION TO MARSWe falls in line in this coaster for 25 minutes,as what i said it was totally overcrowded,that’s why we have no choice but to rides on a flow.I and my children ride this but for me it was boring,maybe because i already get used to the fact that i rides more big coasters in the other park.I asked myself why i wasted my time into this little coaster,but i realized it was not for me but it was for my eldest daughter to have fun.Sounds like i am getting high headed when it become to coasters but yeahh..This time i am not afraid of the height so i am more comfortable going into big and thrilling coasters.But looking around while we was seating in this coaster was very amusing scenery of Movie park.

3.Ice Age-(no time for Nuts 4-D)After the coaster rides we decided to come into the Ice Age 4-D for relaxation.It was a boat ride and inside of it it was about the ice age movie.I and my family enjoyed this ride,it was fun .Seems like we was inside the movie as well.It was full of details and it was fun to watched.As what i told you before being with my family is the best day off and best bonding that we ever had.So going into the park is the best option because everybody will enjoy.

4.The BanditsThen we headed into this wooden coaster called the bandits.Going up i was seeing the beauty of this park,it was amazing view from above.Only when it’s start releasing the pressure,this coaster was kicking hard,i wish i brought my small pillow so i wouldn’t feel the pressure on my tummy.To all coaster i ever had,this coaster was the worse one(sorry for the words)It was bumpy ride,ohh will even if it was bumpy i was just laughing my ass off and i think seems like i had a worse and fun at the same time in these ride.

5.Jimmy Neutron’s Atomic Flyer-Thanks to this coaster for the experience i had.Falls in line into this coaster was not a waste of time.It was amazing and smooth ride,not bumpy or not hitting my ass off.It was also not extreme as what i was expecting but gives me an idea,it was just like seating and driving on the car only the difference was it was hanging from above the rails.

6.The High Fall-Wow this 60 meters high was an awesome adrenaline i got.First i was so nervous but watching around the park was an amazing view from above makes me relax.I know some people think that i am a crazy one,hop-in into this high free fall,but dude this is an experience that so many people who are not doing it or can’t afford to do this.This was my chance to believe that i am brave and i had guts to do this.

8. Santa Monica Wheel-Relaxing and seating in this ferries wheel with my family was fantastic.We had a great view of the Pier Side Carousel with its gorgeous decoration.We also can saw The Old West area.It was amazing view from above.The fresh wind touch in our faces,views from everywhere was a very relaxing moment for us especially it was a tiring day from roaming around the park.

After all this rides we decided to go to the children’s attractions and to watch some show’s.After that we decided to go home specially it was already getting dark and getting cold outside.It was a fantastic day for my family.Even though it was overcrowded,we had some terrific rides and children enjoyed family day.

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  1. I have been to this park! I have a lot of relatives in Germany and they took my son and me there back in 2008. We had a wonderful time. Looks like you did too! Thanks for the great review and to bringing back wonderful memories 🙂

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